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Advancing Decentralized Innovation Networks
Synergy. Fusion. Energy


Consensus Capital thrives on knowing how to capitalize on a good thing, and the heart of our team has been at the forefront of digital transformation since the IT revolution. We see legal and compliance sectors, identity management, and contingent labour as exciting elements that can be bolstered by blockchain, together with AI and all for the betterment of society.

We work with people, not projects, and we are dedicated to giving back by providing hands-on business development support and early-stage financing to high-tech startups. Our techno-scientific interest and work also sees us engage with Europe-wide innovators through collaborations with leading European research initiatives such as those by CERN. On top of this, we are continuously expanding our outreach in work with local community organizations, charities, and research institutions such as HEC Unil, the University of Helsinki, Tampere University and Helsinki Institute of Physics.

Our Team

The Consensus Capital team brings together some of the most innovative thinkers in leading digital transformation. Our wealth of experience in digital industries creates a  synergy between us that enables us to offer the right support and advice.

Matti Liukas


CEO of Consensus Capital
Corporate Management at Adecco and Capgemini
CERN User Status
Digital Transformation background
eMBA lecturer at University of Lausanne

We work with people, not projects, and that’s why it is important for us to partner with like-minded people that really want to see technology work for all of us. One of our priorities is to be actively involved in the global blockchain community that shapes the tech industry.

Matti has over 15 years of experience in digital innovation and IT Management. With a background in Industrial Management from Helsinki Technical School, Matti boasts a wealth of experience on the technical side as well as in relationship management and business development.

Matti creates sparks as an ecosystem builder, who fosters collaboration with R&D partners/academic institutions and who is passionate about guiding tech teams at any stage in their development. Matti actively contributes to the management of the companies in which the Consensus Capital invests, while also shaping the minds of MBA students at the University of Lausanne as a visiting professor.

Matti’s role in companies such as Capgemini and Adecco place him in the heart of the innovative entrepreneurship space. This allows him to use his experience for identifying and managing new investments using disruptive and emerging technologies, like blockchain, to influence and drive the adoption of real solutions.  

Areas of Interest:  Relationship Management, Digital Transformations, Transition/ChangeManagement, Implementation and Deployment Management, Knowledge Transfer Processes, Distributed Delivery Models, Internet Applications.


Matti is the CEO of Consensus Capital with a strong background in digital transformation. His experience at Capgemini and Adecco, his CERN User Status, and his position as eMBA lecturer at the University of Lausanne place him at the heart of the innovative entrepreneurship space.

Matti Liukas

David Branch

Founder and Chairman

Chairman of Consensus Capital Family Office
Corporate Executive of Adecco SA and ICon
Lead investor in Kratora and Komply
Open-source community activist and early supporter of Bitcoin and Ethereum

As an entrepreneur, I believe in creating a place where companies can gain access to a diverse expertise and experience that will help them ignite their strategic footing to innovate in areas that are not always seen as obvious investments.

David is a serial entrepreneur with all the technical know-how of a science geek and growth hacker. Having founded several companies in different verticals, he has acquired extensive experience as a business leader in global software solutions development.

Now founder and Chairman of Consensus Capital, David’s mix of entrepreneurial and corporate experience – with focus on compliance and contingent workforce management – places him as an esteemed unicorn hunter in the technology space.

Taking advantage of consumer trends, as well as looking at areas where trends have not yet set, made him a natural early adopter of Bitcoin and Ethereum and early investor in recognized blockchain projects. He continues to ignite seed investments, targeting projects that are unconventional and embrace alternative solutions to everyday problems.

David has a rich history of intersecting high-tech with financial services and trust markets. The future points at applying emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain to create an online space that allows flexible workforce movement, based on required capabilities within the boundaries of local labor conditions.

Areas of Interest: Contingent workforce, Decentralized Applications, Autonomous Corporations, Prediction Markets, Peer-to-Peer, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Encryption.


Chairman of Consensus Capital, David is an open-source community activist and early-supporter of Bitcoin and Ethereum. With all the technical know-how of a science geek and growth hacker, he is a business leader and unicorn hunter in the technology space.

David Branch
Founder and Chairman

Pietari (Pietu) Kauttu X

VP of Development and Operations

Current positions of trust: CERN Finance Committee Delegate for Finland in close collaboration with Helsinki Institute of Physics and Academy of Finland. Chairman of Ruuti R&D Oy. Previously worked for CERN and Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. R&D&I fundraising experts, raised over €15m of public R&D&I grants to date.

The expansion to techno-scientific areas is a mandate close to my heart. Developing key collaboration opportunities is something I seek in my day-to-day life. I believe Consensus Capital has the capacity to shape innovation management and make a real difference for our entrepreneurs as well as the scientific community; being the bridge between those worlds is a privilege and an honor. 

Pietu is the force that binds high-tech and commercialization within the company, a strong contributor to the advisory support offered to partners and investments.

He is the Head of Operations at Consensus Capital, where his expertise in finance and business development for high-tech startups, and his experience in R&D&I, where he built sustainable collaboration between public and private technology businesses, makes him the perfect match to manage the day to day challenges of an investment company.

Pietari has over ten years of experience in high technology & research field fundraising, business development, strategy advisory services, tendering and administration. He is the chief of synergies that make Consensus Capital unique amongst investment firms.

Pietu regularly shares his expertise in business-research collaboration building at CERN, University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland, Business Finland, The European Commission, and other recognized research infrastructures, institutions, and R&D&I funding bodies.

Specialties: Specialties: Building collaborations, business development, key account management, high tech and research administration, fundraising, procurement management, project management, knowledge transfer processes and strategy advisory services.


Head of Operations at Consensus Capital, Pietu binds high-tech and commercialization within the company and is the chief of synergies that make it unique among investment firms.

Pietari Kauttu
VP of Development and Operations

Antonio BejaX


COO of Consensus Capital
Executive Vice President of a Family Office
Head of Corporate Banking Natixis
Consultant McKinsey & Co.

Having spent over 20 years helping teams find their potential, I am excited about the opportunity afforded by blockchain and AI that will revolutionize current business models across all industries and create new models that have not even been dreamt of.

Antonio has over 20 years of experience navigating the waters of distinct investment opportunities across the world.

With a background in Management from INSEAD and a multi-sector professional experience at McKinsey & Co., in Investment Banking and managing a Family Office, Antonio has spent the last years defining strategies and coaching senior management teams to deliver results.

Antonio’s broad knowledge, leadership and vision has enabled him to successfully lead traditional businesses' transformation into the digital economy.

Specialties: Team Management, Corporate Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Negotiation, Origination, Deal Structuring, Business Development, Digital Transformation


As COO of Consensus Capital, Antonio is focused on helping companies and teams to scale their operations to achieve exceptional results. Leveraging his experience in managing teams throughout the world Antonio is always looking for creative ideas and teams that want to transform businesses through technology.

Antonio Beja

Our Advisors

Consensus Capital’s advisory panel comprises a team of industry experts within their respective fields. Each advisor has been chosen not only because of the breadth of their expertise, but also the depth. Combining academia with real-world experience, our advisory team fuels growth and change, challenging the status quo and delivering results.

An active advisor to family offices that invest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Emilie Raffo is an independent consultant and public speaker on crypto-finance. She is a lecturer on the topic at a private university; her expertise is invaluable for Consensus Capital as their investment interests are aligned with fintech and compliance.

Emilie Raffo

Ari-Pekka is full professor in Operations Management at the University of Lausanne. His work and expertise of workflows and document processes related to new product development has been an important contribution for Consensus Capital to further develop investments. Ari-Pekka is a recognised publisher with over 70 articles in international journals. He has strong ties within the VC world and has decades of expertise with due diligence processes for high-tech startups.

Ari Pekka Hameri

A former CERN fellow and driver of the Ideasquare team, Harri amplifies connections between fundamental research and human-centric products that contribute towards the achievement of the UN SDGs. Harri’s strong bonds with the scientific community adds to the differentiation of Consensus Capital as an investment firm.

Harri Toivonen

Riku has over 10 years of work experience at the intersection of international R&D&I projects, working with startups and EU-funding. Riku advises Consensus Capital with his expertise in financial and regulatory aspects of the digital world, emerging technologies and new market opportunities.Riku is an alumnus of Tilburg Law School, with a master’s degree in TechLaw, complemented with an MBA in the field of business informatics.

Riku Ruuskanen

Hugo is our Ecosystem Growth Manager. He's a crypto enthusiast and investor. His years of sales experience gave him the skills that makes everyone rely on him when it's needed. Hugo is a man on a mission, when he starts, he can't stop until it's done.

Hugo Bettencourt

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